Monday, 27 June 2011

We're not terrific, but we're competent

Well 4 days after finishing my A levels I can only say that nothing was a disaster, that hopefully will be confirmed on results day (August 17) so perhaps it's more accurate to say that there's nothing I know was a disaster!

Since my final exam I have started watching films during the day and reading more than a couple of pages before going to sleep at night, things I can never remember doing much of in my life up to now. Although boredom has not set in I have been finding myself missing the satisfaction of revising just a teeny weeny bit but can still manage to make the days go fairly quickly (the trick is to watch a film around lunchtime). On the cards for next week is to start looking for a job (more stressful than exams I would imagine) but this week is strictly 'gardening leave' for me, not that I'm going to be doing any gardening, that just means I have no commitments for the week after my exams. On Wednesday I will have officially entered the big wide world when I give all my text books back and officially leave Bhasvic. Happy days?

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